Save time, money and headaches with the best freight forwarders Auckland. We’ll help eliminate shipping roadblocks involved in domestic cargo within New Zealand. From arranging transportation, to coordinating with carriers and customs clearance, we’ll take care of the logistics aspects of the shipment.

Our Freight Forwarding Services In 15 Seconds

Secure Transport is a 100% New Zealand owned and operated cartage company with over 30 years of experience delivering exceptional freight forwarding services. We cater to all aspects of logistics and freight shipment across the North Island, NZ. But we know that sometimes you have to send freight between the Islands for nationwide trade.

In this situation, we act as an intermediary to send your shipment to the final destination. We forward your freight via different transportation modes including sea freight, rail freight, and air freight shipment. We utilise our extensive network of trusted carriers and partners from air transport and transoceanic lines to negotiate the best rates for you.

Our freight experts further guide you on maximising cost efficiencies in documentation and minimising customs brokerage expenses, and customs duty. We also recommend the best practices for packaging, labelling, loading, and warehousing and distribution of merchandise via different routes.

Freight Forwarders Auckland

Why We’re The Best Freight Forwarders In Auckland

As one of the most reputable freight forwarding companies in Auckland, we’ve been facilitating New Zealand businesses for over 30 years, ensuring the seamless movement of freight from Auckland to Wellington and Tauranga. Our freight forwarding services offer the following benefits for exceptional business results.

1. Freedom from Multiple Contracts

When you have to meet tight deadlines but there are some unforeseen obstacles like rerouted shipments and carrier delays, we can be your saviour. We have the resources to handle uncertainties like storms and government situations that can cause your shipments to be diverted. While you may not be equipped to handle that situation, for us, it’s just another task.

2. Flexible Cargo Rates

We know that sending a high volume of merchandise for domestic trade can be costly. You have to deal with many additional expenses. We utilise our network of trusted carriers and partners from different transportation lines to negotiate flexible freight shipping rates for you. This cost will include the factors like nature of the goods, pick up and destination points, weather conditions, and urgency.

3. Seamless Logistics Process

We’ll save your time dealing with the tiresome administrative tasks involved in the logistics and transportation process. You won’t have to bother negotiating rates and vetting carriers. By considering us for logistics service, you’ll have one point of contact and the assurance that your shipment is in the hands of seasoned professionals. , you will have true peace of mind.

How To Book Our Freight Services

Booking shipments with a freight forwarder like us is easy and hassle-free. We don’t give you headaches and stress. Instead, we handle all aspects and simplify the process of dealing with multiple carriers to save your time.

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