Starting out as a supply chain business owner or already an established business looking to expand distribution pipelines? We’ve got your back. We provide logistics service for diverse business sectors tailored to their specific needs. We also have collaboration with an extensive network of warehouse owners where you can store your goods and ship them later.

So, sit back and relax. Your merchandise is in safe hands!

Connecting North Island’s Businesses with Logistics

Transport and logistics companies add a fair share to New Zealand’s Economy. They rely heavily on trucks to transport goods across the country at cost-effective rates. This includes food, medicine, furniture, hanging garments, raw materials, and so much more. Unfortunately, people tend to undervalue the importance of this job.

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Logistics Service

Add Utility To Your Supply Chain

An optimised supply chain process between suppliers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers can benefit the end consumer. It also adds value to all businesses involved in the supply chain network. We help improve the flow of information among participating businesses by offering optimal logistics and transportation solutions.

We also optimise vehicle distribution routes by utilising our central transport hub and eliminate bottlenecks in the process. Plus, we allocate experienced drivers and modern vehicles that use great technology engines to ensure faster dispatch and delivery of goods.

Fully Secured, Smart Warehouses

Leveraging our extensive network of warehousing centres in Auckland, we provide personalised and fully managed logistics and storage service for businesses of any scale. All storage warehouses are tailored to accommodate your specific requirements, providing ample surface area and efficient logistics support.

At warehousing facilities you can hold your commodities for a period of time and schedule them for shipment to the final destination. Rest easy knowing that your items are in a secure environment and under the supervision of one of the best freight companies NZ. These extensive facilities are used to incorporate the following activities:

  • Safe and secure storage for alcohol and other hazardous products
  • Bulk and racked pallet storage to cater to standard, fragile, and specialised items.

Moreover, all storage facilities are equipped with top-notch security measures, including surveillance cameras, alarm systems, and fire protection to ensure the safety and protection of your inventory.

Send Freights To Your Choice of Destinations

You can depend on our services of collecting your valuable freight from warehouses and moving it swiftly and securely from Auckland to your desired destination. With access to a diverse range of equipment and ample capacity in our vehicles, we can accommodate your volume requirements.

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